Do what you love. Love what you do.

Last week, my wife and I had the privilege of watching Sir Jon Trimmer perform, alongside Helen Moulder in the short play/ballet, Meeting Karpovsky. Sir Jon is a stalwart of ballet in Aotearoa and around the world. He turned 80 this year.

A key memory I’m holding onto is the sight of Sir Jon’s smile as he performed. It was a smile that stretched from ear to ear, and his eyes glistened in the lights. There was passion and joy in his face and it shone through in his performance. Even at 80 years of age.

It reminds me to be authentic and do what I love in and out of work. I want to have a smile like Sir Jon’s when I’m 80, while continuing to live a fulfilling life.

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Nathaniel is passionate about people reaching their full potential. He has expertise and experience in education, e-learning, face-to-face and online facilitation, virtual mentoring, training, leadership and school governance.