When passion drives you

I have had quite a crazy week. I’ve had long days at work, that in some ways seemed like they weren’t going to end, but not necessarily in a negative way. I’ve had things on in the evening for five of the past six days. But it has been great! I’ve enjoyed it. And what’s more, it has given me energy.

The past few weeks, I’ve found long, and tiring. But this week—the busiest of them all—I’ve actually felt invigorated and full of energy. Only one afternoon, after a particularly long day, did I feel quite tired. The rest of the time I was driven by what I was doing. I think I’ve found my passions again. 

I added the ‘s’ onto passion, because I have more than one. I was able to enjoy more than one of my passions this past week.

Last year I lost enjoyment for what I was doing. I felt like I had gone as far as I could in the job I was doing. As a result I applied for the next role up from mine, and to be honest, I didn’t really know what I was going into. Yes, I had an idea from what I saw others doing and the job description, but I certainly didn’t know the extent of it. What I wanted though, was to be stretched and to be challenged. I was given a secondment into the role earlier this year, and this has recently been made permanent. There is definitely challenge in the job now and I’m being stretched. I also feel like I’m putting my expertise into much greater use.

After a meeting I had, I said to the person who set it up, you need to tell me when to be quiet. For those that know me, this probably seems quite strange. However, if I’m passionate about something, I can talk about it. And talk A LOT! I think I fully realised this after this meeting. I’m passionate about education, and seeing all people succeed! This meeting was looking at assessments in a course (what most people probably wouldn’t find interesting), and I wanted them to be right. As a result I had a lot to say! It wasn’t an easy conversation with a simple solution, but it was a good one.

This past week has shown me how much I thrive on challenge. The week has not been easy, but it has been invigorating! It has reminded me how important it is to find your passions and live within them. I don’t want to go back to a place where I’m not passionate about what I’m doing. I continually want the drive and energy that passion brings.

Find your passions and live there

Find your passions and live there. Doing so will give you energy and increased satisfaction in your life. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it will be rewarding.

Nathaniel Written by:

Nathaniel is passionate about people reaching their full potential. He has expertise and experience in education, e-learning, face-to-face and online facilitation, virtual mentoring, training, leadership and school governance.