Shaking things up

Well, since my last blog post things have definitely been shaken up in my life literally and figuratively. So this is a bit of a catch-up and get up-to-date kind of post.

I had the privilege of earning my stripes at CORE Education by receiving the great yellow lanyard as a staff helper at uLearn. Perhaps, others don’t see it the same way, but for me, that was kind of the sign to say I’d made it at CORE. I really enjoyed the opportunity of seeing the conference from the other side. And to do it as a part of the Connected Educator team just made it even better! I was really able to share and support others with something I love – connecting online.

The Connected Crusaders

It was really great to catch up with a whole lot of friends as well. Those I already knew face-to-face, but also many others I only know online. One person in particular though was Joyce Seitzinger. I’ve known Joyce through twitter for quite awhile, but met her face-to-face for the first time in Melbourne back in 2013. It was great to be able to talk with her again (and see her presentations/workshops) as she is an expert in a field I’m particularly interested in – learner experience design… which leads me on to the next part of this story.

While that was a great week, on the Monday evening before flying up to Rotorua for the conference I emailed off my letter of resignation. That was a difficult thing to do! But I had been offered (and accepted) a position as an Educational Designer at The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. It was time to wrap up what I was doing at CORE, say goodbye to some amazing colleagues, and take a turn on my career path into something new.

So taking only a few days off between one job and another, I headed into the unknown – into the world of… induction! Inductions are always interesting things. It can clearly be a challenge to find the right balance of telling you everything you need to know as you start with what you actually don’t need to know until you need it. I did a lot of reading in that first week.

Things were looking pretty good going into week two until Sunday night… or perhaps it was Monday morning… 12:02 am and the whole family is vioently awoken by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake. Here was the literal shaking! We eventually managed to settle the kids enough to all be sleeping in the lounge (bedrooms were too far away, on another level), and I think I got about 3 hours sleep which was quite a lot for that night! The next morning I realised I didn’t have contact numbers for anyone and I couldn’t seem to access the webmail (discovered later that I was just missing the ‘s’ from ‘ https:// ‘… (duh). Is work on? I don’t know. So I headed in. Yes, technically we were open but there were only a handful of us there so we headed home after not too long – we were keen for sleep!

The next morning (after still not enough sleep), the rain is really coming down. I head into work, only to be sent home early again due to flooding! I’d only been in my new job less than 1.5 weeks when all this was happening.

Anyway, since then things have settled down a bit. A few shakes, but I’ve managed to get into some “real work”. I’m now in week 5 and am taking on my first proper course so have been preparing for that. I looking forward to really sinking my teeth into it. I’m already looking around to see where I can have an impact in my new workplace, with my big focus being on thinking about my kids and the work I do with my BLENNZ Board Chairperson hat on… thinking about accessibility.

So I’m hoping that I might get this blog going a bit more regularly again, focusing on my learning around the new work I’m doing and the challenges that arise. It doesn’t matter what the job, there is always things to learnt and shared!

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