uLearn16 presentation: Professional blogging for beginners

What a privilege it was to once again share my passion for professional blogging with a great group of educators at uLearn16!

For me, professional blogging is a simple, yet effective, way to capture our learning, practice and reflections as teachers. It’s a great way to capture evidence towards our Practising Teacher Criteria as well, simply by tagging our posts with the PTC number.

The presentation embedded below is the one I shared in the workshop. The first part is what I talked to around professional blogging — why blog, and how you just need to start writing. The next parts are where you can learn how to set up a basic blog using Blogger or WordPress. And finally there are some tips and tricks.

You don’t have to navigate through from start to finish within the Prezi, but can click on what you’re interested in and navigate forward from there.

If you have any comments or questions about the presentation or just want some help with your own blog, please leave a comment below.

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