Adult learning theory – for kids?

As someone who works with adults who teach children, I like to have some understanding of the theories of learning.

This infographic outlining Knowles’ 4 Principles of Andragogy has got me wondering a little bit.

Adult Learning Theory - Knowles' Four Principles of Andragogy
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The 4 principles given for adult learning theory are:

  1. Adults need to know why they are learning something.
  2. Adults learn through doing (even if they make mistakes).
  3. Adults are problem-solvers.
  4. Adults learn best when the subject is of immediate use.

Don’t our children like to:

  1. Know why they are learning something?
  2. Learn through doing (even if they make mistakes)?
  3. Solve problems?
  4. Be able to use their learning immediately?

Aren’t these all principles that we encourage in our classrooms?

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