Sitting in the chair

So I’m on the Board of Trustees for a school. As I’m sure many people can attest to, when the role of chairperson comes up often, no volunteers come forward. Well, for some reason, this time, I put up my hand. I was the only one, so that was that.

As a Board, we had already decided that the outgoing chair would continue with this last meeting. To me, this is a much better process than I’ve seen in the past where a new chair is elected and then takes over the meeting straight away. Often they don’t know what they are doing, and weren’t involved in the preparation of the meeting, setting the agenda etc. It can be very messy.

So I’ve now assumed the mantle, but not yet chaired a meeting. I’ve got a few weeks to ease myself into that, although I’ve noticed things have already started. No rest for the wicked as they say. Not a lot has happened yet really, but I can see there is going to be quite a bit to wrap my head around further.

So now I’ve taken this role, it is making me think again why I chose to be on the BOT in the first place. Many people put their names forward for a school board because they want to give something back to the school and community. To a degree, this was me, but I also felt that I had more to offer with my background in education and understanding of school processes. I believe I can also make some good strategic recommendations due to my knowledge of what other schools are doing. The students are key and should lie at the centre of all decision making.

A school Board represents the community of the school. I’ve also be wondering how we can give greater opportunity to the community to have a voice on the Board. This includes the voice of the other board members. While this might seem simple, I’ve noticed that sometimes a board can just go through the motions. I don’t want to go through the motions, but rather be a part of a board that is continually moving forward strategically.

So as I am just beginning this journey as board chair, I know I’ve got a lot to learn. I won’t be perfect, but intend to give all that I can to the role and learn as I go. I look forward to the challenge!

Nathaniel Written by:

Nathaniel is passionate about people reaching their full potential. He has expertise and experience in education, e-learning, face-to-face and online facilitation, virtual mentoring, training, leadership and school governance.